Search for the “Venetian women” who roam the Monemvasia Castle and tell the story of Malvasia!


Open presentation and tastings of Malvasia wine from wineries in Greece (Monemvasia, Paros, Crete) and regions abroad (Italy, Croatia, Spain).

Inauguration greetings.

The most important regions of Malvasia visit Monemvasia in a special ceremony. Sounds ranging from medieval music to the Italian, French and Spanish courts, to Renaissance madrigals, played with original instruments, and to traditional and contemporary Greek songs. Narration and music convey the “message of Malvasia” from Crete, Venice and Parma, Istria, Sitges and Barcelona, to the evocative atmosphere of the Monemvasia Castle.

The participating artists, mixing their music into an overall experience, are:

Ex Silentio | Early Music, medieval and renaissance | Dimitris Kountouras, Theodora Baka, Eirini Bilini-Moraiti, Tobias Schlierf.

Marianna Polychronidis, Andreas Arvanitis, George Skordalos, Aggelina Klavdianou | Music from the Greek tradition as well as contemporary sounds.

Presenting: Gian Andrea Garancini, Marianna Polychronidis.


Ex Silentio

The Early Music Ensemble Ex Silentio presents a wide range of repertoire from medieval music to baroque. They specialize in historically documented interpretations. Ex Silentio regularly appear at festivals and venues in many European countries and focus particularly on music from Southern Europe and the Mediterranean as well as East-West musical relations. Their CD “Mneme” won the Pizzicato award and was shortlisted for the International Classical Music Awards.

Marianna Polychronidis

Marianna Polychronidis comes from Crete and Tinos. She graduated from the National Theater School in 2001. She also studied classical and contemporary singing, classical guitar, advanced music theory and dance. In theater she has collaborated with important directors (Kakogiannis, Koundouros, Evagelatos, Fasoulis, Moumoulidis, Tzamargias, Valtinos, etc.). She became known to the general public and was loved through successful TV series (“Erotas Fugas”, “The Knife of Love”, “The Secrets of Eden”, “The Disappearance”, “Overlooking the Sea”, etc.). As a singer, she has many collaborations and concerts (Ludovikos of Anogeia, Nikos Kypourgos, Sokratis Malamas, Kostas Livadas, Stefanos Korkolis, etc.). Decisive was her meeting with Thanos Mikroutsikos, which led to a dynamic collaboration with many live performances, as well as the creation of the album “In the fog of time”.

MALVASIA WINE EXHIBITION AND TASTING event is funded by the local action of LAG Parnonas “Actions of wine tasting and promotion” of the Transnational Cooperation Project “Malvasia Myth” of LEADER/CLLD program.